Nitro Dessert Station - Chicago's First Mobile Liquid Nitrogen Dessert Station Offering All Natural Ice Cream Made Onsite Using Liquid Nitrogen<
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It's Cool...

process It all starts with the freshest, highest quality ingredients and a dash of science. Nitrogen is a common element found in the air we breathe. When it’s cooled to -321oF, it becomes a liquid. As soon as the super-cooled liquid is introduced to the room temperature air, it immediately starts to turn back into a gas leaving a cool white fog behind.


It's Safe...

Nitro Dessert Station Ice Cream Mixer Instead of handling the liquid nitrogen directly, our station is self-contained. Ours is the only patented process for dispensing liquid nitrogen with a cryogenic vacuum hose into an open container – a safer, more controlled process.


It's a Technique...


Nitro Dessert Station Mixer Liquid nitrogen doesn’t add any flavor to the ice cream or sorbet that we make – it’s actually a technique to flash-freeze the ice cream. The liquid nitrogen is a cooling agent – not a food additive.


It's a Better Product...


Nitro Dessert Station Ice Cream Commercially made ice cream is mostly air and large ice crystals. Since liquid nitrogen is so cold, the mixture is flash-frozen leaving smaller and fewer ice crystals, which means a richer and creamier product. We use a stand mixer to ensure that our product remains consistent throughout your event. Our ice cream looks and tastes like regular ice cream - only better! Your guests will be coming back for more!


    8523 W. 191st Street    Mokena, IL 60448    PH: 815-464-8844
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Nitro Dessert Station, Chicago's First Mobile Liquid Nitrogen Dessert Station, Offering Ice Cream Made With Liquid Nitrogen Onsite At Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Anniversaries, Parties and Special Events
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